Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Nargisi stole the recipe

Whether local karahijima, birianijama, Zinger burgers, ice cream and halva, a stage of all Recipes. You have some Recipes you can get delicious and mouthwash. Family and friends should be introduced.

Nargis kofta

---- price of a kilogram

Ginger teaspoon garlic -----

Luk ---- between the two

Three green peppers ---- four digits

Roasted gram ---- four tablespoons

Egg ---- nine digits

Double beer ---- Double-digit

Green ---- Pola

Red chili pepper spoon food ----

Salts ---- user's taste

Components of intaglio

The number two in the middle of the onion (finely chopped) ----

Salts ---- user's taste

Coriander crushed ---- bucket of food

Teaspoon red pepper ----

Ginger garlic ----- teaspoon

Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon ----

teaspoon ground Belo ----

Yogurt cups ----

Explored warm spices spoon ----

Cox ---- a half cup of oil

Mix all the spices KÖFTE twice samlet - ten, fifteen minutes, add the egg and mix well and refrigerate.

Strong boil eight eggs. Hands lightly over the inner cable, lubricate eggs keep in the fridge until it is very difficult - you - if you are good with a rope and secure.

The synthesis of gravity

three or four minutes, and the hot medium heat in a large coke mixed with spices Warm oil in lukewarm water, and you are free to remix when frying the onion.

guilty of all the spices, yogurt plant and oil begins to separate for a while until there are frying, pour a cup of water, heat, and add a shirt - Bagchi repeated until the water dried up.

Child Bagchi twice using two towels - water, dried, green coriander and green K.Nurtas a glass of water, cover and simmer five to seven minutes, adding a haircut. Cook-

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