Friday, 1 November 2019

Gosht Hareesa roasted meat

Local herbs

Beef roast with mint We Pakistan's cuisine is one of the popular food. Black pepper and roasted meat, delicious food, and there were no indication for an approach is incomplete. As described above, with the fried meat pepper recipe (Pepper tram Reefpe) gives you a good taste. Above, you can order roasted peppers and roasted peppers in the world are a recipe for pepper recipe. All the parts and tools are provided to you for help. Our web, peppers and roasted peppers for a delicious meal Enjoy

Local herbs

Kilogram (Meso)


Rice thick half

A kilogram of wheat

Rice thick half

Black pepper (four tablespoons)

user gingers

If necessary,


regulation of salt

very flexible


the time

Let me eat rice and beans and wheat.

Two cooking medium onion cut.

onion turns red, then add the meat.

When the meat is dry, add water.

When the meat is melted, water and flour and coarse coat.

Baked beans, rice, and wheat, along with water, and the meat, it will be put back.

Add more water if needed.

Check-makers, wheat sprouts and good, knead the dough, and all will be together in the preparation of food and will continue to be like them.

Then add pepper and salt.

Now, after a special vessel and remove it with the chopped onion.

Pour the hot griddle onion and stir.

Delicious Her┼čeay dungeons, ready to receive it.

Now on top and sprinkle with fried onions and served with Naam.

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