Thursday, 19 December 2019

Cheesy egg bhurji Food Recipe

Cheesy egg bhurji Food Recipe

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Organizing time for delicate egg bhurji-20 minutes 


Pieces for delicate egg bhurji: 


Cheese(mozzarella besides cheddar)- 50 gm 

Green chilli(chopped)- 1 or 2 

Onion(chopped)- 1(large) 

Capsicum/ringer pepper-1/2 

Tomato(chopped)- 1 

Cooking oil-3 tbsp 

Garam masala powder-1/3 tsp 

Red bean stew powder-1/2 tsp 

Salt to taste(3/fourth tsp) 

System of cooking 

Split the eggs in a bowl, join unnecessary salt and whisk it well. 

Work 1/2 of the cheddar in the bowl, blend it well. 

Warmth oil in a skillet, join onions and green bean stew and fry it for a moment on medium fire. 

Join capsicum, fry it for 1/2 moment on medium fire. 

Join tomato, fry the tomato for 2 minutes on medium fire. 

Put red bean stew powder and garam masala powder, blend it and cook it for 1/2 moment on low fire. 

Audit the egg hitter for the compartment and mix it always, keep the fire on medium. 

Stance killer the fire and work the rest of the cheddar in bhurji. 

Delicate egg bhurji is set up to serve.

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