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Easiest way to make a Main Dish for Dinner Ingredients with Method

Easiest way to make a Main Dish for Dinner

Preparation of a main dish :

Food dishes square measure several and varied, and every dish is completely different from the opposite in its kind, style and ingredients. However, there square measure several main dishes that square measure oftentimes devoured and ready. Rice, chicken, meat and fish dishes square measure essential dishes for an extended time. however it doesn't have time to arrange a tough main dish, thus we are going to offer an easy and quick main dish will be ready simply and while not the requirement for effort and energy, and this dish may be a dish capability.

Ingredients :

🍗Brosted while not eggs in a {very} very simple method

3 Chicken.
8 cups flour.
1 pack of little size milk.
4 years garlic.
3 lemon seeds.

Spices :

1 tablespoon turmeric.
1 teaspoon black pepper3 tablespoons salt.
2 tablespoons vinegar.
1 tablespoon Acadian spices.


1-Turmeric, pepper, salt, vinegar, tom, lemon, cajun, frying oil, food on the blind, soaked chicken, and served with sliced spices.

2-Sprinkle with flour, salt, white pepper and Tom Bauder, dipping the chicken then on a really cold water bowl then pour on the flour once more.

3-The chicken was shredded on quite a batch of 10 dakigas on high heat and lined with 10 knocks on a guiding fireplace while not cowl and along with his heart and also the last 5 minutes on high fireplace and Hik with Astut.

4-After I found the total amount and provided a slaw next to him and located his thanks to my recipes and health and here.

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