Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Hamburgers in Chester Lunch Recipe Ingredients Directions

Hamburgers in Chester Lunch Recipe Ingredients Directions

preparation : ten minutes

cooking : twenty minutes

Ingredients : one pack of four pancakes all ready, four slices of ham, 250 g mushrooms, eighty g butter, one tablespoon cream, 1 shallot, salt and pepper.

1 Clean the mushrooms; cut them into slices; peel the shallot and chop it finely; fry the shallot and mushrooms in thirty grams of hot butter.

prepare a sauce : soften thirty grams of butter and sprinkle with flour; combine well, then water this blond red with milk; thicken by turning with a wood spoon; cook for five minutes; add salt and pepper.

heat the kitchen appliance to extreme temperature ; heat the pancakes within the pan within the remaining hot butter; as they're hot, place them on a plate over a pan of extremely popular water, on every occasion slicing a ham between the pancakes.

when all the pancakes area unit hot, add the cream to the mushrooms, salt and pepper; organize 1 / 4 of those mushrooms on a slice of ham; roll up the crepe and ham and organize them in an exceedingly baking dish; proceed within the same manner for alternative pancakes; cowl the dish with the bechamel; bake quickly within the kitchen appliance.

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