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How to make Bhapaa Aloo Recipe

How to make Bhapaa Aloo Recipe 

About Bhapaa Aloo Recipe Bhapaa aloo could even be a typical dish in west Bangla make it with baby or small size of potato.It is very easy to cook and attractive dish.Main ingridients of this recipe is Bangali Panch Phoran spice.

Bhapaa Aloo is an authentic dish which is true to serve on all occasions. The Bhapaa Aloo is delicious and features an incredible aroma.

Bhapaa Aloo by uzma shouab will assist you to rearrange the right Bhapaa Aloo in your kitchen reception. Bhapaa Aloo needs 10 minutes for the preparation and 35 minutes for cooking. within the BetterButter app,

You'll find the step by step process of cooking Bhapaa Aloo.

This makes it easy to hunt out out the because of make the delicious Bhapaa Aloo. just just just in case you've any questions on the because of make the Bhapaa Aloo you'll discuss the page below. The "What's cooking" feature on the BetterButter app can assist you connect with our home chefs like uzma shouab.

Bhapaa Aloo will surely satisfy the taste buds of your guests and you'll get compliments from your guests. Ingredients to form Bhapaa Aloo 250 grm Baby or small size Potato 1 tsp of all ingridients of Panch Phoran spice(fennel,cumin,kalaunji,methi,Mustard Seeds all is 1 tsp) 3 tsp Mustard oil 2 dry Red Chilli(whole) 1 green Chilli 2 tsp Curd 1 tsp yellow Mustard Seeds 1 tsp desicated Coconut 1 tsp juice 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder 1 banana leaf or if not 2 Cabbage leaves in shape Salt to taste 1 tsp fresh green coriender chopped How to make Bhapaa Aloo first peel the potatoes wash and par boil it in salty water.and keep aside it.

Heat oil in pan,add Panch Phoran spices and whole red chilli in it and saute it till they start to crack. Now pour this Panch Phoran tempting over to par boil potato mix well and keep aside it again. In grinding jar take mustard seeds,desicated coconut

green chilli,take one red chilli from Panch Phoran spice,turmeric powder grind it and make paste of it. Now add desicated coconut and mustard paste,curd and salt in it. Now add juice in it Now mix all ingridients gently otherwise potatoes will break.

In other side prepare a steamer with water. Now keep the cabbage leaves over it carefully because water is boiling,and transfer par boil potatoes with all marinate masala over it for in steam. Now cover it to cook.meanwhile check it otherwise it'll over cook and break. When it cook then transfer in plate for serve. And garnish it with chopped fresh coriender leaves. Now Serves it with poori,plane rice or chappati.

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