Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Poularde with golden Eggs Easy Lunch

Poularde with golden Eggs Easy Lunch  

preparation: twenty minutes

cooking: one hour fifteen

Ingredients: one stunning chicken (you use the leftovers to organize poultry dish successive day), half dozen tablespoons of oil, 750 g of onions, 2 lemons, one / a pair of teaspoon ginger, saffron, four laborious stewed eggs (easter eggs), watercress, salt and pepper, cayenne pepper.

1**pluck, empty and flambé the chicken; peel and cut the onions into wedges; wash one in every of the lemons; cut it into quarters; slide these lemon wedges within the chicken, yet as salt, pepper and a bit ginger; bridle the poultry.

2**Sauté the chicken with half the recent oil in a very casserole while not lease it color; add the onions; allow them to additionally come back to low heat, while not browning; throughout this point, squeeze the second lemon into a bowl; add the remainder of the oil to the lemon juice; salt, pepper, add ginger, saffron and a bit cayenne pepper; beat these parts well, then sprinkle the onions; cowl and permit the cookery to end.

3**Shell the hard-boiled eggs; ten minutes before the top of cookery, add them to the casserole; they're going to take the golden color of saffron; wash and drain the watercress; cut the stems and keep solely the clumps of leaves.

4**Put the chicken on an outsized dish; surround it with the golden eggs and adorn with tiny bunches of watercr

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