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Yakhni Gosht , Mutton in Yogurt Gravy Recipe

Yakhni Gosht , Mutton in Yogurt Gravy Recipe 

Yakhni is a real sheep/sheep dish that has a spot with Kashmiri Cuisine. it's set up in yogurt or curd close by fluctuating flavors. Fundamental and clear to cook and doesn't generally require gifted hands. It's found that in various Kashmiri dishes there's a use of Mustard Oil which itself leaves and shocking cooking smell and when gets together with fennel powder the dish truly gets interesting. Yakhni is so outstanding inside the valley that it also has it's veg variation. For veggie sweethearts, Lauki Yakhni may be a joy to have.

In the grand month of Rmadan , it's seen that we Muslims prepare distinctive non veg dihes to open our fast and in any occasion, for dinner. So keep the example alive, today I made Kashmiri Yakhni Gosht, I used goat meat as it's difficult to look out sheep here. The equation I used for making Yakhni is animated by Kashmiri Food Recipes and you'll find the fundamental recipe there.


1 kg sheep

1 cup mustard oil scoops of .

3 tbsps fennel powder

Salt 1 tsp (mobile)

Whole Spices :

4 tbsps Jeera Shah

2 Bay Leaves

xbd tsp Asafoetida

5 Cloves

6 Cardamom Black

1 inch Cinnamon

4 cups Yogurt (whisked)

5 - 6 tbsps ghee

2 tbsps Coriander Fresh (sliced)

Rules Yakhni Gosht , Mutton in Yogurt Gravy Recipe 

Wash the sheep and channel water. Keep aside.

Warmth 1/2 cup of oil during an autoclave and remember sheep for it.

Incorporate salt and hing, fry for five minutes on full fire.

By and by incorporate around xbd glass water and incorporate fennel powder, dull cardamom, cinnamon stick and bay leaves. Weight compose it to 3-4 whistles or till the sheep is cooked.

Take a frypan, put one extraordinary oil and warmth it till well, oust it from gas and put shah jeera and cloves in it.

Again set the skillet back on low fire and blend for one minute, incorporate whisked yogurt and switch blasts on high, keep up blending interminably in charge that it doesn't go bad till it bubbles.

By and by incorporate this foaming yogurt and unadulterated ghee inside the sheep and keep it on low fire for 5-6 minutes.

Disposition executioner the blasts and cutting with fresh cut coriander.

Serve hot white percolated rice.

Equation NOTES

If you delighted in this standard equation from Kashmir, try making it assembling and offer your contribution with me in comments underneath.

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